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Twitter Poetry, Convergence Exhibition, May 3 2013

Twitter poetry in the street

Twitter offers creative writers ways of participating and collaborating in global online poetry communities where writing takes on a performance as well as a social dimension. In this project Marsha Berry brings together poets to perform poetry with Twitter in an exhibition space. The audience was able to hear the poems as well as see a live feed of these poems mingling with poetry from around the globe in a stream of tweets. If they wished, they could take up the invitation to participate and many did. Marsha proposes that artists, writers and poets embrace Twitter and social media as new mediums ready to be appropriated and colonised for poetic performances with both words and visual images.

The hash tags #conku and #haiku were used.

Artistic Director:

Marsha Berry

Project Team:

Stefan Schutt

Dean Keep

Benjamin Solah

Xinru Chen

Lucinda Strahan

Marion Piper

Jenny Weight

Paul Fearne

Mel Jepson

This was part of the Convergence: Transforming Our Future exhibition, Design Research Institute, RMIT University, May 3 – 24, 2013.