What We Believe

We work hard to realize a vision for the arts and arts education. That vision is informed by our belief in the following core values:

  • The arts are fundamental to humanity and have the power to transform lives.
  • Arts education develops well-rounded children and citizens.
  • Artistic expression connects people from around the globe.
  • The arts, broadly defined, are essential to a thriving community, creating a sense of place and fueling social and economic growth.
  • In order to thrive, the arts in America—and broad access to them—need an investment of a mix of public, private and consumer resources.


Who We Serve

Our work translates national vision into local tools that can be used by the wide variety of organizations and individuals that are our members. They include cultural and arts service organizations as well as arts educators, arts administrators, artists, and the general public. Today, we have members in every state as well as 13 countries around the world.

What We Do

Policy & Advocacy
We provide the tools necessary to empower people to make a difference in their communities. As the nation’s leading advocate for the arts and arts education, we work to secure increased resources for the arts and arts education at the local, state, and federal level to influence public and private policy.

Research & Information
We champion a research-based understanding to how the arts are being used to address social, educational, and economic development issues in communities across the country.

Professional Development  
We create opportunities for experienced and emerging arts leaders to learn, dialogue, and network with colleagues throughout the year. Our professional development programs include many different company in the sphere of education.

Recognition and Visibility
It takes a clear and persistent message to raise public awareness of the value of the arts. Through our national network and array of public and private sector partners, Americans for the Arts works to shine a spotlight on the contributions of the arts and arts education


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